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Whiskey Lockers are the first in a series of products we'll be producing.  In the meantime, we hope that you'll enjoy and appreciate this first creation.

Whiskey Lockers are self-contained portable bars built out of .50 cal ammunition cans.  Why? - MERICA; it's just want us yanks do!  These bars are built for rugged individuals (cops, military, firefighters, outdoorsmen, paramedics, sasquatches, etc.) who appreciate a fine glass of Bourbon, Scotch, or Canadian or Irish whiskey and a sturdy, no-nonsense piece of equipment that is well-crafted and just plain bad ass!

Whiskey Lockers are globally sourced (to keep costs down and capitalists happy) and hand assembled by local small business owners and craftsmen in Frederick County, Maryland.  Almost every person involved in the production of each Whiskey Locker is a veteran and we are as proud to produce a quality product as we are of our service to this great country because, well, it’s American!  We can't think of anything better after coming out of a 2-week field exercise, 12 hour shift, hunting, fishing, shooting, highlander games, jousting, etc. (you get the idea) than cracking open a bottle of brown liquor and sharing a dram or two with our equally patriotic, hell-raising friends.

WARNING:  Whiskey Lockers are not compatible with the following activities: Yoga, quilting, hair styling, selecting window treatments, and man-buns.  Whiskey Lockers should never be handled by Wusses!

Whiskey Lockers are made with the finest quality materials that we can source because we don't like cheap crap and won't compromise on quality – EVER!  We know they aren't inexpensive, but we can guarantee that they will last generations with minimum care; they are legacy heirlooms.  Each Whiskey Locker is equipped with a laser engraved whiskey bottle and a smaller water bottle should you require a splash in your favorite drink. You'll also find a laser engraved plaque on the inside lid that can be personalized if desired. The engraving is done by none other than Chuckaroo, a cowboy action shooter inducted into the Single Action Shooting Society’s Hall of Fame!  Additionally, you'll find a thermos for ice, four proper glasses, ice tongs and a microfiber cloth to wipe/mop everything down with after you're done.

All of the wood inside of each Whiskey Locker is American Black Walnut – the same wood they make gun stocks out of, not some cheap piece of veneered plywood.  Each piece is sawn, milled, sanded, and finished here in Frederick County.  Every piece of wood is then hand-rubbed with teak oil to bring out its unique grain and to protect it from random spills.

The outside of each Whiskey Locker is hand sprayed using a stenciled logo which was designed by famed illustrator (and veteran) Richard Bonk which lends to its hand-built authenticity.  While the inside of the Whiskey Locker is fine and polished, the outside is rough and rugged just like it's owner.

Being rough and rugged, we have purposefully left some minor blemishes, such as, light tooling marks, paint overspray, etc. to add to the overall characteristics of our lockers.